Magic Double: this is the evolution of Cariboniís Magic Trim idea. This year a Magic Double with full integrated linear sensors has been shown in our stand. This ram, designed to haul 8 meters of sheet at 7 tons of load, is matched with Cariboni Magic Puller to increase speed line when easing without any problem of jam. Thanks to the two linear sensors integrated in the rod, you can check the position and the speed for the best control of the system. This Magic Double will be installed on a 82í fast-cruiser to manage the runners.
Magic Puller and Spring Pulley: these new products are designed to avoid any jam line when easing without load on the sheet. The two Magic Puller are hydraulic devices which spit out the sheet from the deck to improve speed and reliability of the system. The Magic Puller is a full electronic system which stop easing when thereís no enough load on the sheet.
Ericsson VOR 70 deck equipment: Cariboni is proud to show to the world the titanium rams installed on Ericsson boats during the last Volvo Ocean Race. We have not service them in order to show the reliability of our products after 40.000 Nm of sailing at 700 bar! An astonishing performance!
Lightweight fittings: Cariboniís attention to extreme weight reduction comes out with these new aluminium and titanium fittings. Titanium fittings work at 700 bar and can be customized to fit pressure sensors. A complete set of dimensions, BSP, JIC or NPT threads are available.
ESS & SCADA softwares: based on ENAT 12Ē waterproof touch screen, Cariboniís Easy Sailing System software shows how our hydraulic systems work. The sailor man just pushes a button but, under the deck, a lot of electric, electronic and hydraulic devices work together to give an easy sailing life to our customers. SCADA software shows the links between these devices and how they work; a remote assistance installed on a standard on-boat PC is useful to check the system straight from the Cariboniís headquarter.
Cariboni the original custom hydraulic system
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