The reviewed Cariboni 5 pistons rotary pump is back on the edge with the 2010 TP52. Successfully installed for the first time in the 2008-2009 STP65 Prada to pump the carbon fibre vang, it's now available with a lightweight aluminium wheel to achieve best performances.

The idea is simply as clever: run a rotary pump with a hand sheet in order to quick pump (and release) the boom vang. So you can "pump" the mainsail and increase the performances of your boat.

The displacement of the pump and the diameter of the wheel is designed to run it at over 500 bar with low load on the sheet to let the sailor move many times the vang at full speed with low effort. Up to two pumps can be fitted on the same wheel to double the flow and the speed.
On-line quick release and max pressure AC valves are available to increase performance and reliability.

Custom blocks to run the sheet through the block are available on demand.

Pump technical features:
Type: 5 pistons radial pump
Material: hard coated aluminium body, high strength steel pistons and crank
Working pressure: 700 bar (10.000PSI)
Displacement: 1.6cc each, 8cc per turn (custom displacement available)
Dimension: 141 x 81 mm
Dry weight: 2.9 kg
Cariboni the original custom hydraulic system
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