Once again a Cariboni's product has been copied.
The latest victim has been the patented
Everybody knows the difference between the original and a copy.
This is evidence by choice of sailing yachts to use the Magic Trim to control the mainsheets, jib sheets, main traveller, centreboards, lifting keels, runners and backstays.
Magic Trim designed, produced and patented in 1998, counts for more then hundred sailing boats all over the World, from 32' to 200' length.
1998: MagicTrim is installed
on Wally 88'Tiketitan
The smallest size produce it is the Simple Magic 30 and the biggest size produce is the Magic Titanium 210. From 1998 Cariboni has improved the Magic Trim to be always able to answer the requests of the market.
1998 - Magic Trim
The original one, patented since 1998, born for Wally 88' Tiketitan and Annica sailing yachts, has been the first hydraulic double acting cylinder with integrated 4:1 tackle designed to work with two different speeds. Now you can have Cariboni's Magic Trim with its 11 years of experience ready to work on your new boat.
2000 - Magic Simple
Designed for 2003 ACC, Magic Simple is the powerful solution to trim the highest load you can find on a race sailing yacht. Magic Trim Simple has a 2:1 tackle powered by a push cylinder in order to haul high loads with a compact and lightweight solution.
2001 - Magic Testa
It is a special version of Magic Trim, engineered for unique applications: those units have been installed on the 60' trimarans Tim an Bonduelle in which the mainsheet and the canting mast are hydraulically control by Magic Testa cylinder.
2002 - Magic Trim Double
Magic Trim Double is the straight development of Magic Trim and Magic Simple concept: a fast Magic Trim and the powerful Magic Simple all in one. So you can have a smart system which copy the load on sheet and let you save space, weight and power.
2004 - Magic Air
Designed for the new Brenta 52' day cruiser, this special kind of Magic Trim has the same 4:1 tackle powered by the hydraulic push cylinder but the ease of the sheet is driven by the air spring on head ram.
2005 - Magic Trim + Magic Double arrangement
Another "Magic" touch of Cariboni based on famous Magic Trim concept. A Magic Trim ram to fast control the sheet and a Magic Double to keep on trimming fast the sheet and have the right power when you really need it. This kind of arrangement has often custom sheaves solution full integrated on the two Magics to copy the yacht design.

2007 - Smart Magic Trim
This is the Magic Trim for the high-tech sailing yachts! What you can see from outside is just the slim shape of Magic Trim; but inside there are all the technologies of a magnetic field linear sensor ready to control second after second the cylinder status. This is the standard solution for a full automatic sail trimming system.

2008 - Smart Magic Double
Smart Magic Double matches together everything that you can ask from a hydraulic trim system; sharp control of the sheet with the integrated linear sensors; speed and power thanks to the Magic Double concept; safety and quickly control of the rams with the incorporated max pressure and directional control valves. The solution for the next century sailing yachts.
2008: Smart magic trim & double
arrangement for 130'
2009 - Magic Boom
Take a Cariboni's Magic Trim, squeeze it on a modern sailing yacht boom and what you have is a Magic Boom! This kind of Magic Trim has special features in order to easily place the cylinder inside the sailing yacht booms.
Special Magics
Every Magic Trim is special but, how can you call a Magic Trim with titanium rod? Or another one with 17-4PH rod, titanium tube and high strength aluminum alloy parts? These Magic Trims are just a sign of Cariboni's attitude for their customs needs. More power? Less weight? Something special? Just ask!
Cariboni the original custom hydraulic system
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